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Latest News on Computers and Technology
20 Jun 2018 09:46
Following on from the success of TUCS 1.0, the next edition promises a number of key innovations & ideas. The most striking (and probably important) appears to be an overhaul of various key aspects of the core "principle" of the product -- which is that if you focus on *building* a particular aspect of your life, it will typically accelerate in growth. The question is HOW to do this effectively.
20 Jun 2018 09:41
With the release of Breaking Out Of Homeostasis (BOOH) and The Ultimate Commonplace System (TUCS), Ludvig Sunstrom has become a growing name in the "self help" community. However, if you're looking at purchasing any of his works, it's important to ascertain who the individual is behind them. This article looks to discuss this, from my own experience working with him for over a year.
19 Jun 2018 14:38
No, neither am I a Ted-famous Tech geek spiritual guru nor am I in contact with the afterlife. I am just fascinated by the buzzwords "Machine Learning" and "AI" and a little overwhelmed by the number of articles mentioning those words on my news feed. I remember reading a line in a news article that "Bots are getting better at imitating humans".
18 Jun 2018 14:41
Artificial Intelligence is quite a trending topic in modern technology with many businesses adopting its use in their daily operations while others are skeptical about its relevance in the workplace. Let me show you the various benefits of AI to the workplace and how it can make your business grow as well as save time and money.
14 Jun 2018 11:41
Blockchain is a new type of internet where digital information can be distributed but not copied. This additional characteristic of this new technology is what makes Blockchain Voting a revolutionary change in the digital world.
13 Jun 2018 08:19
DBaaS enables you to test drive multiple solutions and only buy the licenses and hardware you need to be successful. Almost every business these days is data-centered. Whether the data is for internal applications and systems, or for other services that are offered, let's face it.
12 Jun 2018 11:58
UX not only stands for User Experience but has widened its scope.UX has the very bright future since the application or design which is user-friendly will attract a large number of customers rather than the product with a complicated design. Earlier UX was not much taken into consideration but nowadays the main focus while designing is on UX-USER EXPERIENCE the better the interaction with the customer the better the application for use.
11 Jun 2018 14:25
Given the one pocket of this entire universe, a natural desire for knowledge and improvement, this desire in itself becomes its own universe. Throughout history humans have made their own simulations for one purpose or another and inevitably we are all collectively heading toward that special place in time where we are able to manufacture the perfect simulation. This will scientifically prove to ourselves once and for all that the 'us' are existing inside of other simulations and so on, one of many Russian Dolls.
11 Jun 2018 11:11
With a population of more than a billion, India is definitely a promising sector for the FinTech. Before we move ahead, let us first explain what FinTech is.
7 Jun 2018 12:11
The first step would be connect the remote to the drone by putting both on the same radio channel. Most of the time it is 1, 2, 3 and other times...
7 Jun 2018 12:08
Using a drone for photography and film is becoming very popular. Many professionals use them for things like making movies, shooting sports events, or taking breathtaking photos. With a drone you are able to move almost anywhere...
6 Jun 2018 11:41
If you are a compute owner, you would know that everything doesn't continuously run perfectly. There are times that you will have to fix your computer, because every system runs into some sort of technical difficulties. These technical difficulties can consist of hardware and software malfunctions.
6 Jun 2018 11:40
This article will give you an idea about the computer software and the computer hardware. It will inform you on all the basic things that the computer hardware and software do for the computer itself. More importantly, you will go away with some basic knowledge on how computer operate.
4 Jun 2018 15:06
More and more businesses are seeking to digitally transform their organisations to meet the ever increasing demands and expectations of the modern, technically sophisticated customer. But few are prepared for the internal disruption this causes throughout the entire enterprise, which is why culture change and change management is so important.
1 Jun 2018 11:56
Do you invest in digital gadgets? This article shows 7 signs why you should. Look inside to find out.
30 May 2018 08:35
What is Blockchain? A continuously growing list of records linked and secured using cryptography is what defines Blockchain. Seems like a difficult technical jargon? So to make things easier, let's discuss the term 'Blockchain' in the simplest way.
29 May 2018 09:35
Whether private, public or hybrid - selecting a cloud deployment model depends on a number of factors, including technical expertise, costs involved and business needs. While every cloud platform has its own advantages, the public cloud is often regarded as a more popular model of cloud computing, especially for medium to large scale enterprises.
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